Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Great Omission...

Engel on the Great Commission...

"Christ, ... (within the great commission) put forth a seamless agenda with no dichotomies or variations in priority between evangelism, holy living, and social transformation.This great truth about Christ's kingdom and reign almost completely eluded me until the first of the famous Lausanne conferences held in 1974. One leader after another from the Two-Thirds World prophetically declared that our western evangelistic preoccupation, while foundational and necessary, had not transformed the world as Christ intended.

They issued a clear call to return to a local, church-based, kingdom focused gospel that would penetrate all of life with the lordship of Christ. Then and only then will the church have a compelling message in a pluralistic world. At their insistence, the famous but now almost forgotten and ignored Lausanne Covenant called for church-based holistic ministry that takes the entirety of the Great Commission seriously.For many in attendance, including me, Lausanne was the high-water mark of evangelical Christianity …where the process to break out of modernism and restore Christ's holistic balance in our response to his Great Commission."

James. F Engel in
Yaconelli, M (2003) Stories of Emergence: Moving from Absolute to Authentic

Are we part of the Great Commission or have we bought the Great Omission? - Sometimes I wonder.

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