Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My heart is still pounding...

My heart is still pounding. My head is still spinning. My throat is still in my mouth.

Walking back form a pastoral visit I hear the shouting first. Then I see two men fighting on the floor outside the post office. I Jump over the railings, across the road. I take it all in quickly. Looks like a mugging. The muggee? is fighting back.

I run to the local police station in the market. Shut. No-one there. Seems even the police have retreated! I run back. The shouting is worse. The violence is getting out of control. People are just watching as three or four men are pounding the mugger. I see his panic. His eyes shoot at me, pleading. "Just sit on him" I say in an attempt to slow the blows. His jaw looks broken. His jacket rips. His drug debris spills onto the pavement.

I make it obvious that I am calling the police. I cut through the question after question routine "...look this is kicking off - hurry". The blows turn into swearing and abuse.

The muggee decides to let him be and he walks off out of the market - Sirens are now in the distance. The police arrive. The party is over. He's gone.

Ro 8:19-20. All creation is waiting for God to show who his children are is... waiting to be set free from decay to share in glorious freedom of his children…

Yep - I'm pretty certain we live in a fragmented society...

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