Saturday, September 17, 2005

To end all wars...

I have just watched "To end all wars" ... again.

A story of the endeavour of Allied POW's building the Burmese railway in WWII. A story of building a community of faith , a community of beauty, a community of compassion, 'nourishing souls even in a place that destroyed bodies'. A story of the working our of true hope, true love, true mercy and above all grace.

Yancey points out:-

"Perhaps something like this was what Jesus had in mind as he turned again and again to his favourite topic: the kingdom of God. In the soil of this violent, disordered world, an alternate community may take root. It lives in hope of a day of liberation. In the meantime, it aligns itself with another world, not just spreading rumours but planting settlements-in-advance of that coming reign."
He finishes off by saying:-
"Taking God's assignment seriously means that I must learn to look at the world upside down, as Jesus did. Instead of seeking out people who stroke my ego, I find those whose egos need stroking; instead of important people with resources who can do me favours, I find people with few resources; instead of the strong, I look for the weak; instead of the healthy, the sick. Is not this how God reconciles the world to himself. Did Jesus not insist that he came for the sinners and not the righteous, for the sick and not the healthy?"

Yancey, P. (2004) Rumours of Another World: What on Earth Are We Missing?
Sounds pretty revolutionary to me...!


Anonymous said...


Must read the book. We do need reminding at times that this is the ministry of Jesus, even when the going gets pretty tough we are to look to what we can give and not to what we can get....

Thanks again for your thoughts... not sure about the comments above, sounds like you might have some strange being stopping by...

God Bless


Gordon said...

I've just activated word verifaction just in case Ms Erotica pops by again!!

Good to hear you Glenda - hope all is well?