Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lost Voices of Mission...Catherine Hine

Okay here's a new trend for all you pomo;; salvo types - forget your goatees; forget your piercings; 'aggresive' battle gear - this is the tattoo you want, I'm almost tempted myself being due a mid-life crisis in June next year!

I photocopied it from the original Chinese corps flag that was planted in Limehouse, East London in the early part of 20c. A fantastic story of Catherine Hine fed up with her HQ appointment, who decided to walk down to and eventually live in the Chinese community of Limehouse. If you want to find a story of incarnation try and find Catherine Hine's story. While working at THQ she spent every spare minute she had in the laundry's run by the Chinese community, getting to know the women who worked there, being part of their community; their lives.

She lived out the gospel without speaking a word of Mandarin; communicating through pictures she made the message and life of Jesus known. A corps was established and quickly grew through the authentic and unrelenting presence of Catherine Hine. A flag was presented and the Mandarin to the left was embroidered on it - Blood and Fire...!

I'm beginning to collect Lost Voices of Mission - Catherine Hine is my number 1.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thought there Gordon - can any voice ever involved in mission be lost?? and yet more proof that mission doesn't need a physical voice.

Anonymous said...

Being a descendant of a Limehouse girl who met the Army in Canning Town I was really interested in this one!

Like Estelle though I wonder if there is such a thing as a lost voice of mission. Maybe lost heroes of mission would be better! Still looking forward to seeing what other voices you've discovered in this series!

darrin said...

When I tire of all the debate and politics surrounding church life this is the thing to inspire and revive and motivate

I love people of the past and present who 'just do it'....not looking for plaudits or recognition...but quietly lovingly and sacrificially go about Gods business

Thankyou for bringing this to my Friday morning

(ps If you are going to get the tat done make sure you go to a good preferably mandarin speaking artist...imagine one slip could change the whole meaning making trips to your local takeaway fraught with danger)

Gordon said...

Perhaps I should call it lost lessons in mission; however I also want to include people who have spoken into a theology of mission that have been quietly ignored, forgotten or conveniently edited out! So I'll stick with lost voices in that I definately think voices that shaped mission can be lost.

Good thoughts though - thanks!

Gordon said...

Darrin - it did cross my mind - what if the embroiderer had a warped sense of humour!!

darrin said...

a biography of catherine hine might be available from the wonderful bookworm alley (
if anyone is interested in reading further

(i say might be because i've secured a copy but hopefully not the last one)