Saturday, November 24, 2007

NT Wright interviewed...

Thanks to Prodigal Kiwi pointing to a interesting interview with NT Wright. Full transcript here it includes.

Wright’s conversion, calling, and personal worship
Wright on “the gospel”
Justification by faith
Justification - present and future
Justification and the Roman Catholic Church
Sola Scriptura
Is Wright arrogant to assume he has just now figured out what Paul meant?
Wright on his critics
Justification in practice
Wright on penal substitution
Wright on the resurrection
Wright on Evangelism
Wright on Church and State
Upcoming Writings and Conclusion


Rob said...

excellent link - thanks

Anonymous said...

"N T Wright Page" is an excellent resource for pdf and audio for Tom Wright's material. I find him challenging and helpful.


Cosmo said...

Thanks for the link. N.T. Wright is easy to listen to - but he packs so much in that I'm glad there is also a transcript to go back and read what he just said!

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

"So things are much more complicated and happily much more interesting than the rather logic-chopping post-Reformational over-formulated systems would allow."

There is so much in this. Thanks for posting it, Gordon. I like the way in which NT releases us from the narrowness of the theologies we sometimes inherit. It is good to be reminded that this is complicated - but also good to discover that God still has much more to say through Scripture, if only we can learn to read it without prejudice.