Saturday, January 19, 2008

Review and Evaluation...

It has been a little blog lite recently, mainly due to not much disposible time. It is Review and Evaluation time at college. Which means a fair bit of reading. In theory I should dread these quarterly reviews but I can't help be inspired by the journey of cadets and their openess.

I'm fast realising that these reviews are a discipline of significance and not just an institutional exercise for the sake of it; an exercise worth maintaining periodically. I like the framework that the Questions of Examen offer in seeking to help us explore balance in our lives.

Ignatian Questions of Examen...
  • Acknowledge sad or painful feelings and hear how God is speaking to us through them.
  • Overcome a pessimistic outlook by encouraging us notice the good in each day.
  • Tell the truth about who we truly are and what we need, rather than who we think we should be.
  • Become aware of seemingly insignificant moments that ultimately can give direction for our lives.

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