Monday, February 18, 2008

What it is to be a Father....

It's funny but somewhere, somehow I was conditioned to think that my fatherhood was going to take the form of Saturday mornings watching the school team on the touch line with all the other competitive parents. It might have been to do with the fact that mine is a male dominated family. I haven't had the role model of knowing what it means to be a father to daughters.

I have gradually got used to the interminable dance shows where you watch complete strangers for 3 hours before your daughter dances her bit for 5 seconds; I've gradually got used to those pink fluffy shops that to be honest I didn't even know existed; I've got used to finding hair bobbles and slides in my pockets and that our bathroom resembles Bodyshop. But no-one, I repeat no-one prepared me for the 'family ballet' afternoon at the Royal Opera House.

Eryn seemingly has a talent for ballet and has been selected for the Royal Ballet's chance to dance scheme. Free tuition for 3 years with instructors from the Royal Ballet. She has done really well and we are really proud of her. In an effort to win parents over and to gain their enthusiasm we were invited to the Royal Opera House and for 4 hours we were taught ballet. Pointing toes, first position, second position, skipping, jumping, galloping we were all regular Angelina Ballerina's, culminating in a show. All in the Fonteyn ballet studio where Darcy Bussell trains.

Hilarious - what a great afternoon, even if my tutu was too tight!

Go Ery!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, as the father of two girls you've now got me very worried!!

Congratulations to Eryn though!

Anonymous said...

Loving the tights! No photos?