Sunday, February 01, 2009

Homelessness Sunday...

It was good to be reminded that today is Homelessness Sunday today. I was visiting Dartford SA where the Bales are doing a great job.

Before I realised that it was homelessness Sunday, on the train journey I found myself drawn to the design of benches on the railway stations. Two or Three various designs shared the same unique characteristic - sitting OK, lying and sleeping impossible. Pesky Homeless. Armrests, material and angle of the seats cleverly preventing any over night comfort should anyone need it. That'll teach them.

The intentionality of design troubled me - or perhaps I am being over sensitive.

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Anonymous said...

Not at all, I heard that at one point in Philidelphia it was made illeagal to feed the homeless. So a group of Christians had a huge party in a park inviting all sorts of bigwigs. Any way the top honchos came along side the homeless and pizza etc was distributed. The moment the politicians left the police came and arrested the organizers,

It went to court they won their case and then gave the mobey away.

I'm sure I've also heard that doorways got sprayed with water as part of a cleaning routine in London which basically moved
the homeless on.

A question is there a SA homeless place near the WBC area? Are there address cards that can be given to the beggers on the trains or is that inappropriate since they may not want housing at all??