Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Emerging forehead...

OK - I'm going to admit it. The picture that I have been using for most on-line forums is old! Actually possibly six years old taken on a lovely holiday in France.

The picture has worked hard as it has been used in many different situations ranging from various ski and travel passes; to accompanying bio's. Whenever I have been asked to send a picture I've sent as a default the nice smile with jauntily perched sunglasses.

It is however is a picture of denial. I've known it for probably five years, content to maintain the denial of what has been inevitable - my emerging forehead! My once thickly clad coiffure now shows thinning as the tide goes out. A visit to the hairdressers and the inevitable chat and conversation about what style I am thinking always brings an inward smile as I tell the hairdresser that her job is simple. "All you need to do is ease my head into baldom!"

A comment in Rome last week, "You know you don't look anything like your picture on the Internet?", left me making a mental note to be a bit more honest about my picture - thanks Major Willis Howell (incidentally sporting more hair than I had when I was 18!). Hence the new picture and the confession! Here's what I've learned.

Emergence is inevitable.
Contentment with denial is ridiculous.

Too often the church's rhetoric resembles the iconic comb over!


Johnny said...

It's time for the headshave and goatee/soul patch.

Then you'll only need a tattoo to be truly Emerging! :-)))


Willis said...

My comment about you looking different in person (as opposed to your picture) was more about the fact that you wear GLASSES than any observation about your abundance or lack of hair! Besides, you're not going bald, you're just taller than your hair!