Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blue Billy...

It was always a risk going to see Billy Elliot.

We wanted Eryn and Bethan to see the dancing and experience the whole West End show atmosphere. But we were a little wary because of the intensity of the language. From the outset it was full on.

The story was compelling, the dancing was electric and the language, no doubt about it, spectacular. It was a great night, shame that the key dance was left incomplete because of a stage prop problem.

Next day on the way to school I talk to Eryn about the show. Eryn asked me if I enjoyed it.

"It was great but I am worried about one thing".

"What's that...?"

"Well Eryn, the language was a bit bad..."

Eryn looks up at me and says,

"...don't worry Dad ...."

".... I knew them all!"


Kathryn said...

that rings so true to my own experience of the offspring trying to protect my sensibilities ;-)

Karyn Romeis said...

I had a similar experience several years ago when my boys were little. They said, "Sheesh, Mom, we hear those words from the other kids at school every day!"

I felt sad that this was the case in such young children.