Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Talking Footy...

Camael does not really like to give too much away. He has been coming along to Faith House for several months and conversations usually come to an end when you ask him where he comes from. It is clear from his accent that he is from Eastern Europe but for some reason he is sensitive to anyone showing too much interest.

Camael certainly enjoys his football and knows his stuff. A huge Man Utd fan who can talk with authority about fringe players and up and coming talent. Not only that he knows his La Liga from his Serie A. Camael came to life as we drank tea and talked about managers tactics, classic football from years gone by. I didn't dare bring this to an end by asking where he was from so I ask.

"So Camael who'd you support as a kid?"

"Steaua Bucharest...! the first eastern European team to win the European Cup final." he offers,


With a sip of his tea and a smile he says "Of course".

It is interesting that these guys let you into their story ... when they want you to be there. It is a privilege that I have learned not to take for granted.

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