Monday, March 02, 2009

Lent 2009...

I had a few moments of thought while in a lecture last week and jotted some bullet points down as people were coming up with three things that community should be built upon - I quickly jotted Faith Hope and Charity should I be asked (I wasn't!).

Something earlier was said which got me thinking about what it might mean to fast from yourself or give yourself up for lent. A spidergram quickly grew

When we fast from ourselves we give up the need to -
  • Project a better image of ourselves
  • Justify our actions
  • Make excuses
  • Draw attention of ourselves through the use of humour
  • Blame others
  • Be defensive
  • Cultivate selfishness
  • Have the loudest voice in a discussion
  • Seek glory
  • Seek affirmation
  • Manipulate situations
  • Maintain our rights
As I've thought this through in the context of wholeness, it has made me think how often the choices we make are about us and how the consequent impulses displace God with our needs to be met.

Eryn who always takes lent seriously, once giving up tea and newspapers! decided to check on what I was giving up this year.

"I'm thinking about giving myself up for Lent!"

Eryn is not impressed and throws a "don't bother" over her shoulders as she leaves the room, "you'll never do it....!"


Chris Heward said...

Well that's a list of everything I do. I couldn't have put it better myself. Never mind lent, I want to give it up for life (or do I?) but I don't know if I have the strength. Although I guess that's where God comes in...

IanH said...

Brilliant idea, Gordon. I'll give you up for Lent too.

Mark - The forgetful pilgrim said...


Great idea and a real challenge when one has spent their life being noticed, projecting and leading

Thanks for all your insights and sharing your journey


Kathryn said...

wow - that is really thought-provoking...I quite often pray that God will help me get myself out of the way in ministry - but not sure if I really mean it or whether I'm willing to let it happen. Hmmmn

Gordon said...

Thanks for the comments

Ian - :o)

Sorry to hear about your arm Kathryn