Saturday, June 13, 2009

Son of man

Son of Man is an interesting depiction of Jesus' life and ministry, set in a fictional modern day South African state. English subtitles on an iPod was a challenge! the bulk of the film is in Xhosa.

The question inherent throughout is what would happen if someone in Africa emerged with the same message as Jesus. Jesus' teaching is set against the oppression of a occupying force. Power games, collusion and collaboration is what Jesus stands against with a message of non- violent rebellion against injustice, inequality and inequity.

His message of inclusion and reconciliation within a framework of what it is to be truly free can be seen in the familiar cameos of Jesus' life albeit in a different guise. The power of the resurrection is seen in his message of non violent resistance to oppression coming to life and coursing through his followers as they stand up against the tyranny of the state.

Good film.

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Matt Elsey said...

This is a really good film, saw it last year!
I agree with you Gordan. How different would our world be if it realised the potential of Jesus message of peace. What would the world look like if it's instinct was for peace rather than power.