Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Spiritual Statement to All Salvationists...

From time to time the international leaders of TSA meet, I guess in order to stimulate thought and deal with issues that face the contemporary international Salvation Army - no mean feat! The latest one concluded a couple of days ago culminating in the prayerful consideration of a 'spiritual statement' you can see the full statement here.

Here is a snippet...


WE have gathered in the sacred name of Jesus from every corner of the world. In a spirit of humility we have given time to waiting upon God for his guidance for our own individual and personal lives and also for our sacred responsibilities as Salvation Army leaders under God. We have spent time seeking the will of God in plenary sessions together, in small groups focused upon the Scriptures, and in solitary prayer and meditation. Our subject matter has included the following large themes and topical issues for the whole Army:
  • a reaffirmation of the role of the Army, of all Salvationists, and not least of Salvation Army officership, in the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth;
  • the building up of God’s Kingdom through an ever-deepening commitment to Christ and personal confidence in the power of the gospel;
  • working for Kingdom growth through the Army’s numerical growth and through the establishing of Army work and witness in new lands;
  • the Army’s God-given role in working for social relief, social justice and human rights on every continent;
  • the challenges of financing the Army’s global mission at a time of global recession;
  • the challenge of working in Muslim cultures today;
  • understanding current societal trends in relation to postmodernism, issues of gender, the younger generation, and our relations with other Christian bodies;
  • the ever-urgent need to win and disciple children and whole families for Christ;
  • the constant need to prepare the future leaders of the Army on every continent.
I guess we wait and see how this all pans out....


IanH said...

Hey Gordon - there must be a line between sarcasm and criticism (which I accept that I do cross) but we had a divisional meeting last week where the challenge to ' and disciple children and whole families..' was given out. But the meeting had nothing in it for children or familie. Somehow the words have got to translate into something more. At least they gave postmodernism a mention!

On another note - we are down in the New Forest for a couple of week from the end of July. Can't wait.

Gordon said...

where abouts? - we're on the Isle of Wight about the same time for week ending 7 Aug