Friday, February 22, 2013

Gordon Leed -Thurso - 5th seaforth highlanders

Just trying to establish a google presence to see if Alison Leslie who left a message on Forces Reunited googles this.

5th Seaforth Highlanders WW1

I’ve just found out the a didtant cousin was in the above battalion. Gordon Leed was killed on 15 June 1915. He was a drummer in the Seaforths. Can anyone help with information,especially on drummers(for example, would they be leading the troops into battle with the pipes?)


Gordon Leed said...

Hi, I have to say that I was never aware of Gordon Leed of Thurso being killed in WW1. I assume this would be my father's uncle.
I had an uncle Gordon Leed, a butcher, who lived in Lairg, Sutherland, and I believe that his daughter is still living at the same address.
I personally would be very interested in finding any distant relatives still living.

Gordon Leed, Peterborough.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, a lot of my family from Thurso were actually Salvation officers

Gordon said...

We're related! Now I wonder how!? My brother has been doing quite a bit of research and has got as far back as the 1700’s but I'm not sure he has mentioned leed's of Peterborough ! Please feel free to email me Gordon [dot Cotterill [at] salvationarmy [dot] org [ uk]

We were in Thurso last year and met with more cousins and actually met Joan on the way.

Love to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Ah, no I'm not a Leed of Peterborough, I just live here unfortunately! I'm actually a Leed of Annan, my father originally being from Thurso. (Donald leed)
Yes, I'll certainly email shortly.

If you are related to Joan, then you are certainly related to me!

Have a lovely day

Gordon said...

Look forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime I'm trying to place you - my grandfather was William, my great grandfather was William, my gg father would have been Gordon Sinclair Alexander Honeyman, so am wondering if that is who we share? I am a Gordon Alexander, so pleased the honeyman got dropped!