Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking for 10:8

Nearly ten years on Hirsch and Frost have much to remind us of!

"... by attractional, we mean that the traditional church plants itself within a particular community, neighborhood, or locale and expects that people will come to it to meet God and find fellowship with others.… By anticipating that if they get their internal features right, people will flock to the services, the church betrays its belief in attractionalism. … If we get our seating, our parking, our children's program, our preaching, and our music right, they will come. This assumes that we have a place in our society and that people didn't join our churches because, though they want to be Christians, they're unhappy with the product. The missional church recognizes that it does not hold a place of honor in its host community and that its missional imperative compels it to move out from itself into that host community as salt and light." (Hirsch and Frost 2004)


Rob said...

and ten years on .... sigh ... I still battle because the hierarchy just don't get this!

but ... small steps ... and thanks for the reminder ... made me smile as well as that was when we first met!

Gordon said...

Heh - Rob! I was thinking only the other day about you, in the terms that I seem to becoming a bit shp myself these days!

Gordon said...

Perhaps a reunion sometime?