Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Healthy Church #2 Outward-looking focus

Ongoing reflections on Warren, R (2004) The Healthy Churches' Handbook and its 7 marks of health

The second mark of health that Robert Warren looks at is that of having a preoccupation outside of itself, what he calls a 'whole life focus' rather than a 'church life' concern. This is all about being a church that is centrifugal and missional in its identity - outward in its expression of love to its community.

A church with an outward-looking focus is all about being church that in all things shares the pain and joy of community. Not only being concerned with 'who' is your neighbour but 'how' is your neighbour. (Hat tip to liveability :o)) This means being conversant and in relationship with our locality and in many ways being the kind of church that is known and would be missed if it wasn't there. 

The danger being of course that preoccupation with self is never far away!

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