Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The different drum - Scott Peck 2/3

Tomlinson points out that Peck's model of stages is an oversimplification and the reality is to be found  between and betixt! But Tomlinson's reworking is helpful for those trying to make sense of faith as an independent choice outside of previous conformity.

Stage 1 - Self-obsessed. This is the normal state of most children, but 20% of adult still demonstrate the same characteristics. Any shift from stage 1 to stage 2 often appears sudden and dramatic and is consistent, but not exclusively, with religious conversion. 

Stage 2 - Conformist. This stage is consistent with most believers and churchgoers. There is a sense of tribalism and defensiveness to the form of their religion. This stage is characterised by uncritical acceptance. Concepts of God are like a 'benevolent cop in the sky' that is consistent with the kind of God that they need. A God that ensures good things to happen in accordance with their loyalty. 

Stage 3 - Individualist. Ironically stage 3 people often are non-believers but are generally more spiritually developed than many who are content to remain in stage 2. This stage is characterised by scepticism and is shaped by doubts and questioning. Any acceptance of cliches and platitudes crumbles. 

Stage 4 - Integrated.  Tomlinson's categorisation here connects with a coming together that has understanding of an intuitive sense of wholeness, or that of being part of something bigger, a knowing within unknowing! Peck calls this mystic-communal and identifies with an acceptance of what can not be fully grasped but yet is sought after! 

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Difficult to create a good setting for people in the same congregation who are at different stages