Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The different drum - Scott Peck 1/3

I found a screwed up piece of paper in the bottom of my ruck sack with some notes I had made while reading Dave Tomlinson's The Post Evangelical (incidentally a great read for anyone for whom faith has started to less of what it has always been and more of something you are less sure of!)

Anyway - Scott Peck a psychologist noticed something ....

"Religious people who came to him in pain and trouble frequently left the therapeutic process as atheists, agnostics or at least sceptics. On the other hand, atheists, agnostics and sceptics often left therapy as deeply religious people. Same therapy, same therapist and each of the cases successful in their own terms, and yet with utterly different outcomes from a religious perspective."

He identified that both scenarios in one way or another were connected to the different stages of personal development, which Is common to us all and what he observed was a shift reflecting what he saw as a faith  more an expression of conformity than a fully independent choice.  Pp47ff

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