Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Observable Love

This popped up as I was preparing some thoughts...

"During the Italian occupation of Ethiopia in the days of Mussolini, Christian believers suffered considerable persecution. In his book, FIRE ON THE MOUNTAINS, Raymond Davis tells of the love demonstrated by believers for each other during this period of affliction, which in turn made a major impression on unbelievers.

For example, no provision was made to feed the prisoners in jail by the invading army. This was the responsibility of relatives and friends. Christians in the prisons had no problem, though. They were well cared for by friends and family. In fact, so much food was brought them by fellow believers and church groups that enough remained to feed the unbelieving prisoners also.

This observable love, vibrant though nonverbal, brought many to seek the Lord. Such love was previously unheard of. As a result, the word spread far and wide. Non-believers sought out believers to learn more about the Christian faith. When prisoners who had come to know Christ while in jail were released, they went back home and attended the nearest church."

- quoted in Flynn, L.B. (1981)You Don't Have to go it Alone(Denver, Colorado: Accent Books

Grace centred love seems the strongest demonstration of the kingdom of God there is. I look at the church and our pre-occupation with self and sometimes wonder... when did we lose sight...?

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