Thursday, June 24, 2004

'Primitive' - For Mission that’s Not Glamorous; Glitzy or Glossy!

One of the frustrations and tensions of ministering within a small vulnerable inner city church is that for the missional life of the church you depend on volunteers. Our youth work; work with the elderly; charity shop – pretty much everything would grind to a halt without the people that God seems to direct our way as volunteers.

Nevertheless at certain times our missional life seems more vulnerable. Despite careful planning over the last few years in terms of Youth Work we’re on the knife-edge. This is where I remind myself that we’re involved in 'missio dei' and not 'missio gordei'. It’s God’s mission not mine! But we have a responsibility to look out for those who want to venture in from the leafy suburbs who might benefit from some gritty inner city mission with kids from our local estates.

Hence we’re re-introducing "Primitive – for mission that’s not Glamorous; Glitzy or Glossy!". We ran this project 5 years ago and had a great summer. We’re praying that we may uncover some people who want to make a difference – by demonstrating kingdom values with us.

'Primitive' - For Mission that’s Not Glamorous; Glitzy or Glossy!

your chance to: - experience youth work; the inner city and ‘no–nonsense’ mission

Opportunities to volunteer and get involved in evening sessional youth work at Poplar Salvation Army’s Paradise Zone Youth Centre are available from September 2004

Why not come and make a difference!

Details from Poplar 0207 987 9405 - Kerbey street - poplar - e14 6AJ

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