Friday, July 09, 2004

Compassion, Obedience and Indignation

Funny how throwaway comments in throwaway conversations get you thinking.

"I don’t believe in simply doesn’t exist".

In other words there is no such thing as unselfish concern. Now there’s a discussion. Whatever we do, we do it to get something out of it. Take it further in terms of mission - our concern for anyone is always out of selfishness. Take it further and there are strings attached to our working out of grace centred mission.

Tom Sine talks about a friend who outlines three motives for mission with the marginal in Mexico.

"...compassion, obedience and indignation. Compassion for the suffering people, for their needs; obedience to Jesus Christ who has sent us to work among the poor; and indignation, because we get indignant when people created in God's image suffer in this way"

Sine, T (1999) Mustard Seed Versus Mcworld: Reinventing Christian Life And Mission For A New Millennium

How selfish...?!

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