Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The creativity of absurdity...

There was a kind of an ecclesiastical paradox, almost an absurdity going on.

I’m at BLAH and we are hearing great stuff about the churches journey as it emerges. Great stuff about a new way of being. Kester Brewin author of the complex Christ is giving it some about evolution not revolution; about bottom up not top down; about the church being purified to the point of sterility; about the church needing to re-define the dirt boundaries of church; an interesting dialogue about Judas and much much more. Creative video loops that even had tallskinnykiwi sat next to me in awe.

Check out Barky's Highlights...


In the midst of us a guy who not only had had too much wine, but had showed signs of mental illness started to take advantage of the 'open source' nature of BLAH. Now how much more creative do you want than this guy 'Effing' and 'Blinding' while we are talking about the sterility of the church? How much more inventiveness do you want than having the tension he created going off while we're talking about re-defining the dirt boundaries of church? How much more artistic do you want than having 'in your face fragmentation' in amongst the lushness and beauty of the emergent?

And was in your face? – Oh yes - he was in our corner. The abuse was great. It reached a crescendo with TSK who was amazingly calm under the barrage of drunken abuse. He left with a prophetic volley and a parabolic sweep of an accusing finger.

"you lot……too much talk……..just f***ing get on with it"

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