Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Kingdom of God and a Bad Attitude...

I look at the other coaches in the service station as we pull in – all looking much the same really. Coaches of elderly people. Coaches of brownies; Coaches of girl guides. Coaches of young people and then us. We’re on a church outing to Brighton and it strikes me amusing that we are a complete mish-mash of chaotic humanity, a community of non-uniformity. Black...white; young...old; resettled homeless guys...professionals.

As the other coaches pull out I see them looking and I wonder. I wonder what they think? What they see? I wonder whether in their wildest guess they can see in our diversity the Kingdom of God?

I then wonder if my attitude today is demonstrating the kingdom. Too be honest you can stick your obedience, indignation and compassion stuff of the other day. I really need a break from seeing people. I then wonder if my begrudging attitude of giving up my one day in what seems weeks to spend the day on the beach with the likelihood of rain – does anything to promote the kingdom. I want to do selfish...

The girls are in bed - Kate and I grab some time together "was it worth it...?" Well actually it was a good day. People who don’t get a break got one today. People who can’t escape the city escaped. People who don’t get the annual holiday to France excitement were able to wake up this morning excited because they were going on a trip.

That was yesterday. Today in church...

"Gordon – thanks for yesterday!" Patrick’s hand is on my arm. He looks me in the face smiles his toothy best and in a unique moment of sanity proudly gives me his creation - a picture of Brighton. We hug.

(Brighton by Patrick Pantlin age 69)

I guess it was worth it...!

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