Friday, July 30, 2004

Urban's nang!?

The first week of our summer youth project is over. We’ve been climbing; canoeing; sailing; to a restaurant. There’s been motor mechanics; creative arts; cooking. Lot’s of table tennis, pool, PS2.

It’s been good to be more involved this year. It’s been good to get to know some of these young people. To hear their stories. To hear them laugh. To see them over come fears together. Face challenges together. It has been good to see a group of young people get to know each other and create community together. To see them share and encourage one another. It has been good to be trusted by these guys and to journey with them. To hear their disappointments, their injustices, what they feel. It’s been good to respect them for who they are and to feel likewise respected.

Above all it’s been good to be let in on their slang … to be honest it is nang!

Our junior project - "Finding Meno..." - has been going along well too. Full just about every day. It is not only good to offer space and time to the younger guys that come to our projects. But it was good to sit and hear – over a cup of tea with some parents - what a support such projects are to the parents at this time of year.

It’s a busy time... but well worth it.

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