Thursday, September 16, 2004

The conversation goes on...

George needed to talk. His "good morning..." seemed to have weight to it; his "good morning..." seemed to be loaded with need; his "good morning..." seemed to say I need to talk.

George is a street cleaner who keeps our market clean. He comes into our Community Cafe that is open everyday. A regular. We chat. He is open about his worries, his concerns and largely I listen and when appropriate he hears about my life.

George is being brave - there's been a bereavement in the family and he feels he needs to stand firm. He is the one that people depend on. He is the one that can't buckle, can't show any emotion.

Well today George is fed up of standing firm; fed up of being depended on; fed up of not being able to show any emotion. Today he is affected. Today he has big questions of life and death. Today he wants to talk. Today he wants to talk with me.

I grab a cup of tea "heh George - you want a chat...?"

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