Friday, September 24, 2004

Why'd they kill Jesus like that....?

It's not often you have a young person doing work experience as a Salvation Army officer. Richie turned up this week and he has been getting involved.

"I never knew you did all this..." We'd just been spending some time with an old dear who used the "I've got some jumble.." euphemism roughly translated means "I'm pretty lonely and could do with someone knowing I'm here..." He's found himself chatting with Patrick, Eva and our luncheon club crowd. He's found himself helping in the charity shop; helping out in parent and toddlers. He's seen people wander in off the street worse for wear and seen different people try and help as best they could. He has seen much and seemed staggered at our involvement.

Today it was me though that was staggered. "Gord...have you seen The Passion of Christ..." I had to admit I hadn't (The Passion...evangelical marketing hijack...authentic evangelism?) I'm still waiting for the community church to come round! "Gord you should watch's awful...why'd they do it?"

I look at Richie and I figure he is talking about the merits of the film. So I start talking about the artistic merits of trying to articulate the life of Christ and how egocentric biased objectivity can sometimes dilute the strength of a portrayed character's life. Richie looks at me quizzically....

"No why'd they kill Jesus like that....?"

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