Monday, February 07, 2005

Good to be back...!

A successful week on the slopes of La Clusaz! No broken bones. Lots of ski-ing, reading, carrom and conversation. Mind well and truly detoxed!

In a funny kind of way it is great to be back. It was great to see my daughters eyes and to feel their hugs. It great to see Kate - I'm a big softy really!

It was great to hear that while I was away Joel popped in to say thank you. It was great to see Norman up and playing the congo's in our sunday worhip with a huge smile of belonging. It was great to see Anna who used to come to parent and toddlers until her little girl went to school a couple of years ago - "I'm bored can I come and help out in any way...?" It was even great to have to deal with Patrick 'going off on one' in breakfast club.

It's good to get away but coming back was better!

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