Friday, February 25, 2005


He was waiting for me after Sunday's morning service. As I said goodbye to the other clients of our local SA detox centre - he whispered so the others couldn't hear "I've got to see you..." This was Daniel's second and last week with us before going into resisdential rehab.

Alone with me he told me his story. It was long. As I listened and listened and as I did I looked and saw the scars of many years of abuse. His darting eyes, shakey disposition gave away that here was a man whose life that had be wrecked through alcohol. No background of church but he told me how he always felt that God or something was there.

He cut to the point "I had a dream last night...and it scared me - I saw what my life was and what it was becoming", tears began to form in his bloodshot eyes, "It was too vivid and life-like I don't want to go back there". I listened as he continued, tears creeping down his hardened scared face. "I woke up" he sniffed "... and I prayed for the first time - God I am sorry for everything - I want to be different...! I'm going to read the bible and try and live like Jesus"

Somehow I didn't think now was the time to engage in conversation about the propositional ambience of conversion! We talked more together and he asked me to pray with him. The sad thing is in all likelihood we'll never meet again.

It would've been great to have journeyed a bit further with Daniel.


Isaiah6:8 said...

Wow...planted a seed.

Amen that you were there at that time. Very tough though eh?



Gordon said...

I guess you get it at 614 - inner city characteristic of passing through people.

Anonymous said...

Gordon, I think that we are invited to be part of people lives at different intervals yet all for a purpose. Lets hope that the person that God has chosen to do the harvesting will be obedient and be there for him.

I enjoy sharing your stories with you.