Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Flurry and a Flourish...

House group finished with a flurry and a flourish.

As we left the dark London night sky was speckled with thick swirling flakes of snow. I looked at Tebbie. The look in her eyes; the smile of wonder on her upturned face as she caught the flakes on her face - an image I wish I could have captured, preserved. It doesn’t snow in Botswana!

We walked back to the cars. I scoop a good proportion of snow. Formed a formidable snowball. "Tebbie…?" A well flighted snowball caught her perfectly on the shoulder as she turned - an introduction to a little Northern European culture. An initial hesitation gave opportunity to get off another missile of snow with equal effect.

Tebbie didn’t need another invite – she scooped together some snow formed her first ever snowball and retaliated. She lacked the years of snowball making experience and what she threw disappeared into fine powder in front of her nose!

Ever had a snowball fight with an African who hasn't seen snow before?

There is something about last night I won’t forget.


Rob said...

thats cool Gordon.
In fact had a similar experience with an Australian evangelist working with YFC. It started to snow when Bishop Sentamu was talking and put his hand up to ak if he could go out to experience snow for his first time ever!

Gordon said...