Monday, March 14, 2005


Meaningful ambience, dominated by Sieger Köder’s “Embrace” set the tone for an evening of meditation of selected verses from Scripture, spoken prayer, poetry and silence - I must admit to feeling quite pleased with my creativity! The lights, music, seating all contributed to an evening of reflection. “All the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to his blood” seemed to haunt me as I sang' When I Survey The Wondrous Cross', the droning of my guitar echoed, intensifying a moody celtic atmosphere.

The silence gave me space as I looked at the impelling ugliness of Köder's brush stokes, the hands embracing that which it would prefer not to. I prayed for courage to embrace that which I really would rather not. I prayed for forgiveness for the times I have shied from embracing the violence, the atrocities and injustice of our world. Turning a blind eye a deaf ear.

The poetry drew me closer into the mystery of the cross. The tragedy of innocence, the pain intensified by the darkness and colours Köder cleverly combines. I read “Help us embrace the world as you did. Give us the perseverance we need to make our world a better place”. I look at the cross and am left in no doubt to what my response should be.

For me the evening was really powerful, a good job really as no one else turned up! All by myself I benefited from the space I tried to create for others. Finished I turn the lights on; put the chairs back; put the projector away; I throw my guitar over my shoulder and leave.

As I lock up I double-check the poster, I flick the light switch off, in the darkness I smile to myself – “All the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to his blood” - I think that this evening was meant for me!


'A Time to Celebrate - The Folly of God' is a wonderful resource using the Art and Inspiration of Sieger Köder published by St Paul Multimedia Productions


LucyRainbow said...

lol that's quite funny. I had a similar experience in the early days when attempting a group worship service, it was a complete flop, not a single soul came, but the time alone with God was refreshing. Good to hear you were able to commune with God in a meaningful way through this.

jacki said...

that is cool how God used that time for you to just be with Him.
it funny how God can take things we see as going wrong, or maybe not the way we planned, and turn them into something beautiful.

Gordon said...

I'm looking forward to this weeks session - I was just going to re-use it but just in case no-one turns up again I think I'll work up another!!