Friday, March 25, 2005

Its only Good Friday...!

We carried the cross through the market today. The mockers mocked; the jeerers jeered but we carried the cross through the market. "Whats happening mum" one kid asked his mum...

"oh its only Good Friday".

Only Good Friday...!

Words and pictures have made an impact on me today whether from an indifferent world or from the pens and pencils of gifted people.
Sacred hands of Jesus, they were bound for me;
Wounded hands of Jesus, stretched upon a tree,
Ever interceding, mercy is their plea.
Their effectual pleading brings grace to me,
Redeeming grace to me.

Albert Orsborn
At this moment, on this day, we have seen it all.
God bows his head respectfully and dies.
Everything dies.
Life dies.
Death dies.
Everything is done...

... except love.

Only love is not done.
Only love will not die.

" me - by living it out, by simply being - do justice to that extreme love and grace..."


The sketches by Luc Freymanc have been pretty provocative for me this year, particularly the way of the cross


So I Go said...

thank you Gordon for these incredible reminders..

Kathryn said...

My earliest faith memory is of sitting on the upper deck of a bus with my mother and finding myself at eye level with a huge crucifix on a church...and the words
"Is it nothing to you, all you that pass by"
Only Good Friday....

Gordon said...

Kathryn - I wonder if that boy might say the same thing in years a head - I hope so! Thanks.

Steve said...

ONLY Good Friday - I hear what you're saying - we moved to a new city six weeks ago and last night was the night I'd have to put out my garbage for collection this morning (Good Friday). I didn't put it out waiting to take my cue from the neighbours. To my dismay I awoke this morning to garbage cans all around our cul-de-sac. I guess it's ONLY Good Friday to many - but not to me!