Sunday, March 27, 2005


He has!


Captain Andrew Clark said...


rpiercy said...

I wonder if someone among you SA types, could "rise" and tell what happened to L. Bond, that commissioner (a Canadian) who was relieved of her responsibilities. What's theTRUE story on this matter???

With every good wish,


Gordon said...


I refer you to a comment I made a while back:

Rogers - I am totally comfortable with you adding the edge you do - in fact it has urged me to write to our THQ regarding financial accountability.

Equally I am totally comfortable with you making judgements about me or our efforts to make a difference in Poplar. I welcome critical analysis. In fact I was hoping to post my reply to your comments in some form - as you do over at your blog. Please keep visiting and commenting...


I'm not entirely sure how comfortable I am with you trying to peddle gossip on my blog.

I'm not entirely sure how comfortable I am with your assumption that Linda Bond has done something wrong. Firstly she resigned from her position rather than as you put it was 'relieved of her responsibilities'. Secondly I worked with Linda Bond while she was in the UK and she remains one of the most Godly and authentic people I have met.

If this is the level of discussion you wish to have perhaps you should enable comments on your own blog. (Which of course you would need to re-establish)

respectively yours

rpiercy said...

Hi, Gordon!

I'm grateful for your kind remarks about L. Bond. Please know that this is not SA gossip. Allegedly, The General placed before her an ultimatum, resign or get fired! This story is the best kept SA secret, ever; has anyone ever heard of an SA Commissioner "resigning"??? Especially, apparently the first woman having been named as the so-called territorial commander in California.

There's a rumor floating around that she may have allegedly received some money from the late Mrs. Kroc. I just think it would interesting to know the TRUE reason for her departure from the SA.

By the way!

Gordon: Make no mistake, if she did take money from the Kroc Estate, that would be characterized as wrongdoing on a grand scale.



Gordon said...


With all due respect - what you are peddling on my blog is gossip. Hoping for a titbit of information to feed a desire to slam TSA. Your comments remain speculative and slanderous - unless of course you can prove otherwise.

Given your email about our community outreach and its funding at Poplar, which you know nothing about - yet you felt comfortable to label as "a wrongdoing on a grand scale" - I'm afraid leaves the credibility of your information questionable.

To sling mud in this way I believe is a wrongdoing on a grander scale than you would probably want to admit.

I am pleased to see your blog is up and running again with the option of commenting.

Again please hear a gentle tone of voice with these comments - all too often blog comments and email correspondance can appear aggresive - this I would want to avoid.