Friday, April 22, 2005

Webber on Great Commission...

" reduce ecclesiology to the Great Commission alone is not adequately biblical. The younger evangelical intuitively knows this and is in search of a deeper grasp of what it means to be the church"

Webber, R.E. (2002) The Younger Evangelicals. Baker Book House

Here's what I am thinking through. Has the contemporary church's understanding and working out of the Great Commission transformed the world the way Christ intended? I look around and I'm not entirely sure. Where exactly I wonder have we been missing the point?

I guess if the hole has been dug in the wrong spot it is madness to think digging harder and deeper in the same spot will make the hole in the right spot. It's funny how if you say "listen I'm going over here to dig" you're made to feel you are copping out, diluting, weakening the gospel. Whereas you are actually up for finding out the depth and height of what Great Commission is all about and putting it into action. Copping out I don't think so.

Thanks Mr Webber you've made me feel a whole lot better even if you do look a little like Albert Einstein!

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