Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not just Breakfast...

George (mentioned before here) has got a problem. You see his son has bought a new dog. A Staffordshire bull terrier. Not a lap dog – unless you are brave. It’s caused an issue. The last dog they had went violent and bit a child’s face. George and his wife decided no more dogs.

But his son thought different. The argument got out of hand and the son pulled a knife on him. But what pierced him was his wife’s reaction. Isolated in the family he feels he needs someone to talk to so he is talking to me in our car park leaning on his yard broom.

George is one of the many street cleaners that come in for their breakfasts each day. Not the most creative of church outreach programmes; not that much imagination; I don’t really expect anyone to write a book or create a video discussion pack about it. No people travelling around the world to see it in action. No people ringing up and asking how it works. No international conferences.

It is just breakfast.

But it is so much more. It represents for us another interface with our locality. An excuse to have the church doors open. An opportunity to try and serve and love your community. A chance to be available. George among many others pop in everyday for the cheapest breakfast in our market. Most mornings just a cheery ‘morning!’ Some mornings a chat about the football. Some mornings "Gordon, I needed to talk to a friend!"

How simple is that?


Listeningear said...

I think more conversions have happened as a result of the simple things like breakfast and cuppa than any other form of evangelism.

Simple but effective isnt that what counts. I think that so many people in our world just need someone to talk to.. they are seeking and we have the answers.

God Bless you in your breakfast ministry gordon.


Captain Andrew Clark said...