Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Charity Shop and Joyce...

So today was the day that everyone decided not to turn up. Our charity shop was workerless. We weren't going to open - I was about to type the sign apologising for being shut when I thought - 'I'll do it' so I spent the morning behind a till! It only happens once in a while so I can't complain and actually it is great to see and spend time with the different characters that pop in.

Joyce came in first and spent nothing but an hour going up and down the ladies rail happy to talk to me and to anyone who came in. We laughed together and shared together, her eyes welled up as she told me of her daughters cancer, her fear and anxiety. Customer after customer came and went - not Joyce she spent time in the shoes carefully considering every pair, then the curtains and the bedding, the books, bric-a-brac.

In the end I said - "Joyce do you want to sit down - I'll get a cup of tea?"

"ooh lovely...!"

Funny how a charity shop can be a 'mission interface' an area of proximity, an excuse to make people feel included, respected and whole.

I was glad I opened.


Chris said...

Rubbish! A charity shop can't be a mission interface... it's all about providing for physical needs, not spiritual ones, isn't it?

... you know I'm only joking Gordon :) I'm really glad to hear that your shop is providing you with such great opportunities to meet the needs of the people around you and to show them what God is like.

Gordon said...

Had me going for a second Chris!!! I found a great quote regarding the mission dichotomy thing we were talking about the other day - I'll post it up sometime this week

So I Go said...

sounds like a God moment right there, smack dab in the middle of your day.

you're kick startin' my day off right. thanks Gordon.