Monday, June 13, 2005

This is our patch...

Reading through Mum and Dad's Daily Telegraph magazine - I came across an article on Tower 'heroin captial of the UK' Hamlets.

Usual predictable stuff - drugs, violence, deprivation and brokenness. Apart from making me feel that we only scratch the surface as a church - this picture of broken housing in the shadow of Canary Wharf's wealth caught my eye.

I didn't want to lose it as I see this run down housing every day. This is our patch - where we are called to be church.

What has shocked me is that when we first turned up in Poplar - 8 years ago - this kind of stuff shocked me, affected me - not now. Is it indifference? an immunity? my way of dealing with it? I think that it is alright as long as apathy doesn't set in.

There is no room for apathy in the inner city - or anywhere for that matter!


Kathryn said...

Gordon, nobody who reads your blog could ever accuse you of apathy...I would say that it's "just" a growing realisation that this is the way things are for that population, whom God has called you to love. It wouldn't actually be that helpful if you went around wailing about how awful it is, would it? By not spending time and energy reacting to the physical situation, you're freed to see the people themselves, not poverty statistics on the fringes of urban wealth.
That's my take, anyway....but I should also say how thankful I am that you, and others are there, caring and engaging and being good news. Blessings

Gordon said...

thanks Kathryn - that is a really helpful take