Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nothing in particular...

Steve Wiseman I hear your tag and I throw in my response:

# of books I own:

We limit ourselves to three book-shelves, if I buy a new one one has to go - only if there is space on the book-shelf can I get a new one :o( - However I have an 'off-shore account' book case which is in our office at college. Kate hasn't sussed that one out yet so a simple book transfer makes the necessary space. Long answer to probably too many!!

Last book I bought:

Jamieson, A.(2002) A Churchless Faith

Last book I read:

Carson, C. (ed) (1999) Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr

Books that mean a lot to me:

Oscar Romero - The Violence of Love

Kenneth Leech - Through our Long Exile

Nick Butterworth - Percy the Park Keeper "The Badger's Bath" (honest)

- and many others....

Tag 5 more:

Nick "I've got a blog but no-one knows where it is" Hanover

Andrew Clark :o)

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Steve said...

Books can be heavy to move - good idea with the one in one out principle.