Thursday, September 28, 2006

Effective Church...

This kind of dovetails nicely with the discussion

"Most effective churces emphasise three areas: the head, which is good theology and biblical foundation; the heart, or a passion for worship and for reaching the lost; and the hand, meeting the needs of the community... many churches are one-prong churches".
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Pope, R. (2005) Civil Engineers. Leadership Journal. Spring 2005 pp 25

"Many churches are one-prong churches" .... I think that was what I was getting at.


BTW - I am having problems replying to comments. Bear with me!!


Eleanor Burne-Jones said...

WHY are many churches one-prong churches?

Is it because God only sends people who fit one category into that church, or because the church has something in its culture that only makes comfortable those with one approach?

Or is it a mechanism that keeps conflict down? - ie people can only handle one focus in a church?

And how do you address the difficulty of changing a church culture? (um answers on a postcard will be fine... lol)

And who creates a church's culture in the first place?

Warmest blessings,
Eleanor n/TSSF in Penzance, Cornwall

jazztheo said...

I've the pleasure of being a part of a three prong is a true joy.

Fill me in on the SA...3 prongs?