Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mission is...

A little while ago someone asked me to jot down what mission 'is and isn't'. So starting with the is's! Obviously not an exclusive list - feel free to add. The isn't's are on their way!

Mission is:-
  • God’s (missio Dei)
  • The demonstration and proclamation of salvation
  • Our calling
  • Our response to God’s plan to put the world to rights
  • An attribute of God’s sending nature
  • A reflection and out-flowing of God’s agape love
  • The culmination and the working out of kingdom values
  • The outworking of shalom
  • The outworking of jubilee
  • The vehicle of hope and restoration
  • Grounded in Spiritual Formation
  • Grace centred
  • Signposts of new creation
  • Worship
  • Sacramental
  • More about being than doing

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