Monday, May 05, 2008

Boots '08

I hope all that went to Roots '08 in Southport had a great time.

Personally speaking there is only one place to be on this weekend and the 4th annual Boots weekend didn't disappoint. An increase of 100% in attendees was really encouraging, in fact such was the success of the weekend that there is some discussion in terms of revamping for the future!

It was great to spend time with Matt, Emma, Anais and Kiam and day visitors Nick and Emma Pears and the Davis clan.

There are things that go without saying on these kind of weekends - Kate wins scrabble; we have great conversations; walks; eat probably too well and of course Boots wouldn't be Boots with out some rain.

Book early for Boots '09! venue Sandy Balls! (probably the best campsite in the UK but with the worst name!)


iain hudson said...

Hey Gord, if you read my blog, you'll see that I'm a "bagger" of munroes while Al journeys to Roots. And its a far more interesting way to exercise theology (if Roots even does that for you!) On her return Al mentioned there will be no Roots 09, so perhaps 4000 salvos will be taking you up on your invitation for Boots 09 instead!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, we might be interested if you could put up with 4 wee sasenacs north of the border - assuming we could borrow a tent from somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The Smiths may be back for Boots 2009 - need to wait for the fixture list to come out first!