Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chris never stays long - just long enough...

I saw him leaving on the Close Circuit TV monitor as I was putting my bag in the office. I had arrived late - as usual! - to the drop in at Faith House. As I slipped the rucksack off my back I saw him look vaguely in the direction of the security camera and then disappear in the the evening streets of Kings Cross. Chris never stays long - just long enough for us all to see and acknowledge his life.

It was good to see him. Chris had not been seen at FH for most of the summer and we were getting worried. Phone calls had been made to hospitals, fearing the worst, the next stage was to make contact with the morgues. Chris is clearly very ill, it doesn't take much imagination to think that he is HIV+, for weeks we had seen him deteriorate. So his complete disappearance was a concern for us all.

I came up into the kitchen "heh ... was that Chris I just saw leaving...?"

The joy and celebration in the eyes of the other workers and volunteers was tangible. "It certainly was .... Chris is back!"


Estelle said...

hey Gordon,
I have always felt like the others that the first visit is great but when people return to FH we have done something correctly!!!

P. Vince said...

but how long is "long enough" do you have any guage?