Friday, November 14, 2008

Grow your Own...

I got to see Channel 4's Grow Your Own last week. I bought the DVD for Pernell and took a sneak preview before I posted it over to him. Great little film, full of character and charm. A modern parable for what church should be.

The dynamic at a set of allotments is upset when the white working class gardeners are introduced to various immigrant families who are given allotments by social services in order to develop a sense of purpose and self-sufficiency. It was great to sit back and watch this 'nice' film develop if not rather predictably.

Themes of inclusion, grace, love, compassion, restoration, justice, integration are woven together as the various ethnic groups become accepted and move in from the margins to a place of value as a new community is built and developed.

I loved this film and went and bought my own copy!

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