Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tea ... two sugars!

It is the little things that count at Faith House, things that we would all take for granted but speak volumes in helping the largely valueless in society to feel some kind of worth.

One of the things that I have learned at Faith House is that the average drink is tea two sugars. There is something really profound in being able to remember how someone drinks their tea. For some of these guys, for someone to not only know their name but also know how many sugars they take in their tea is symbolic of belonging. It speaks of family. Acceptance.

When I first arrived at FH I marvelled at the memory of some of the volunteers who knew just how people took their tea, and saw how included the men were left feeling. Now I know that you can't go far wrong in guessing - tea ... two sugars!


Estelle said...

tea and two sugars - say hi to them all and remember Hari just likes a half cup of hot water!!!

Gordon said...

hope you are having a good time - look forward to seeing your pictures