Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Facebook under attack...!

If you receive a Facebook message (or a Facebook message alert in your email) with a questionable subject line, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE BODY!

All of the information in this post was garnered from an awesome article from news.com.au by Narelle Towie.

Questionable subject titles vary from “Maan,yyou’re great!” to “your ass looks not bad in this video”, “Some0ne thinks your special and has a *Hot_Crush* on you. Find out who it could be*” or a youtube link that says ‘”i can see yooooooooo”. These links disguise a trojan worm and should not be clicked.

Having had six messages today from various random people suggesting how good various parts of my body look on videos they have found on youtube - I'd say this is very much a true threat.
For the techies apparently a trojan virus.

Fabulous Firefox out foxed them when I explored what it was about by pasting the link rather than clicking on it. Someone is after your bank details....?

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IanH said...

Gordo - your ear looks FANTASTIC!