Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a crooners flourish...

Blogging is not high on my agenda at the moment but I found this lurking in my drafts from before Christmas - I don't want to forget JR.


JR looked into my eyes and started to sing Mary's boy child to me and me alone. The rest of the room looked on in mild amusement as this genuine man of the road serenaded me, even taking off his hat and covering his heart. As he got closer his nicotine stained teeth became my focus as he finished the first verse with a crooners flourish.

The problem was that I was half way through a Christmas meditation with the guys at Faith House. Taking my opportunity I try and wrestle the control back by applauding enthusiastically JR's effort.

A quick breath was all JR needed, and with a "I'm not finished..." with the upbeat off he went again. Looking deep into my eyes and with a false American accent he gave it all he had!

Seemingly my meditation hung in tatters.... or did it?!

There seemed a sweet irony as I finished my thoughts about how easy it is to be distracted and that Christmas is a time to 'hush the noise ye men of strife', 'so we can hear the song of love the angels sang'. I'm not sure who was noisier me or JR.

We waved goodbye to JR as he set off to jump a train to the north (first stop York) where he would be chucked off and put on a train back to London. Guaranteed warm sleep!

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