Sunday, January 18, 2009

The open office...

There is a note hanging from a door handle that I walk past every day and it simply says entrez. It always seemed strange to me because that office was one that you could always go into!

It was an office that I frequented often. Sometimes to chat mundane things through; sometimes to let off steam; sometimes to test and think through ideas. An office that it was good to laugh within, an office that prodded and probed in the name of accountability. An office where thoughts could be thought, plans planned and schemes schemed. You knew you could go into that office and not be agreed with. You knew you could go into that office and and come out with your ideas, opinions and thoughts sharpened and given clarity.

The office simply saying entrez was one that made a difference. We're all going to miss Captain Christine Ord for many different reasons. We thank God for her life of influence to so many people.

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