Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Martyn Atkins @ WBC

The latest speaker at One Day conferences at William Booth College was Rev (Dr.) Martyn Atkins the General Secretary of the Methodist Church (UK).

He presented two sessions for us, the first looking at the changing face of evangelism - where he outlined the attributes of what he called 'New Evangelism'.

'Catechesis Reloaded', the second session was fascinating as he looked at Faith discovery and development in pre-christiandom as a means of comparison with techniques within modernity and to what could be in post-christiandom.

Okay I guess you needed to be there! I'm glad I was. Here are quotes that I wanted to keep.
‘beauty of life... causes strangers to join the ranks... we do not talk about great things; we live them.’ (Minucius Felix c160ad)

‘It’s a very friendly church’ said the old hand. ‘I don’t want a friendly church’ retorted the visitor, ‘I want a church where I can make friends.’ Bob Jackson

‘Tell the truth. Be real. Encourage everyone to tell their story. Stop telling us there is only one story. Yes, there is only one story about Jesus, but there are millions of stories that we have about finding him. Give up power and control. Stop editing out the mistakes, flaws and imperfections... Let others see that the church is not full of dazzling people, but rather ordinary people with dazzling stories about Jesus.’ Mike Yaconelli

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Is there a podcast of any of it?