Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rome 2009

I was in Rome last weekend with other Salvation Army Training staff to look at and to explore the issues facing TSA as it trains people for leadership. It is good to share ideas and frustrations; there was real value in working and laughing with old friends; good to make great new friends, that I am really looking forward to meeting again. It was good also to meet Willis and Barbara Howell principals from the US and get a feel for their context for training and mission.

The emphasis was that of discovering what could be for the training of Salvation Army Officers. It was creative to explore together a framework for training for tomorrow shaped by a strong understanding of SA essence. I'm looking forward to putting something down in a paper that aims to sum up some of our thoughts and move the debate further.

I was bowled over by the Vatican, that we managed to get a look around. At one point feeling quite weird with image overload, although that might have something to do with too much expresso. The modern art before the Sistine Chapel was stunning - Raphael and Michelangelo wasn't bad either!

The other highlight apart from seeing the Coliseum was to see the Scala Santa and to see pilgrims actually seeking absolution by ascending the stairs on their knees in prayer and remembrance of Jesus who supposedly climbed these stairs when they were the stairs of Pilate. The point of interest of course is that Luther changed the course of history when half way up he thought "this is ridiculous..! Good job it wasn't shut for Luther like when we got there!!


Rob said...

Gordon going to Rome .... well I never

IanH said...

I like your new picture. When in Rome, eh...