Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disentangling the Web: A Guide to Online Resources for Theology

One of the benefits of being at William Booth College is that we have the best resource in our Librarian - she is great! She has the knack of finding and suggesting the right article and book at the right time.

Here's the abstract of a recent suggested paper from the Expository Times.

The Internet offers a vast wealth of academic material, but the sheer quantity of information available can mean that locating relevant, high-quality resources is a formidable task. This article provides an overview of some key websites for theologians,including academic gateways (which offer hand-picked lists of sites for a particular field), library catalogues, and bibliographic databases. Details are also given of some of the growing number of full-text resources that are appearing on the Web (both those available to members of subscribing institutions and those which are freely available to all): collections of classic works,online critical editions, electronic journals, eprint repositories,plus contemporary scholarship and reference works offered by commercial publishers. The article concludes with a brief look at manuscript digitisation projects, interactive sites, the possibilities for communicating with other scholars via discussion lists and blogs, and resources for those involved in teaching.

It is online here.

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